Genesis 12:7

Discoveries: When God Appears

God appeared to Abram / Genesis 12:7 [Day 67]

I wonder how many times Abram felt like turning back. Clearly he felt vulnerable; he felt the need to lie about his wife to protect his own skin. The years were going by and the promise that he would be made into a great nation hadn’t even resulted in a single child. Every day he was reminded that he was a stranger, a guest, a pilgrim in a land he did not own—a land where shepherds fought over grazing rights and watering holes, and if you lost the fight you might not survive.

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Despite whatever fears, disappointments and struggles he faced, Abram traveled through the land.

And then the LORD appeared to him.

One day I prayed with someone who said, “The Lord will never speak to me.” Yet before we were done praying, the Lord did speak soothing words of comfort and healing.

I knew He would, because at the right moment, the LORD will always appear. I don’t know what form that will take for you. But I do know that the LORD is watching over our journey. He knows when we get tired and discouraged. He knows when we run out of hope and help. He knows when we have nothing left.

Then He will appear, and we will discover that everything we need is in Him.

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