Genesis 11:1-9

Genesis 11:1-9

At this time everyone spoke the same language. Humans migrated east, settling on a plain in the region of Iraq or Babylonia. They came up with the idea to build a city and a tower out of bricks and tar. Here’s why. They said, “When this tower reaches the sky everybody will remember us and hang around. That way we won’t be scattered all over the earth.” When God inspected this project, He said, “If they continue building as one people speaking one language, they will never disperse to reclaim the earth. Here’s what we’ll do. We’ll divide their languages so they won’t be able to understand each other.” That’s what God did, and the result was the scattering of the people groups of the earth. They called the unfinished city, Babel, because that’s what people sounded like to each other: babble.

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At this time 100 years, possibly more, after the flood

Iraq Shinar in the original text

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