Exodus 18:24

Discoveries: The Silence of God

Moses listened to his father-in-law and followed his advice. / Exodus 18:24 [Day 100]

No one knew God like Moses. Moses spoke with God face to face, he had a relationship with Him unparalleled in his day. Yet God never told Moses how to organize a judicial system. He was silent on that point.

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Why? Because God wanted Jethro to tell Moses. Jethro had administrative insight to bring to the table.

I’m glad that God has put Jethros in my life. One of the most important of these advisers is my wife. She has enough common sense to know when I’m way out in left field. God knows it too, of course, but He often leaves it up to Kim to tell me. God’s silence here is a great act of love. When we go looking for the answers that He graciously doesn’t give us, we validate the contribution of the many Jethros God has placed in our path.

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